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rubber hose under car

Know-How Notes: All About Hoses - NAPA Know How Blog

1/1/2018· The alternative to the thick rubber hose is a stainless steel line, which uses a teflon core tube encased in braided stainless steel. These are more costly, but they last forever. The one exception is the power steering return line hose, which is not under much pressure. These can be cut and secured with standard hose clamps.

Pluing a Fuel System – What You Need to Know - Demon …

30/5/2019· Most production cars will have push on hose all the way through, 8mm bore push on hose being the most likely. Some older, smaller engined cars running carburettors can be 6mm, while larger engined cars can run 10mm hose. Fuel injected cars can have 12mm or 15mm from the tank to the pump depending on the appliion.

Black rubber hose hanging out from underneath my V? - Veloster

21/12/2013· There is about a 1/2 inch diameter black hose that is hanging from the bottom of my V close to the middle of the car. It appears to have plain water slowly leaking from it, the water has no smell, it appears to be plain old water. anyone know what this is for?

What are Common Causes of Water Leaking from under a Car?

27/4/2018· Real Causes of Water Leaking from under a Car Most common causes of water leaking from under a car Some of the most common causes of a water leak are the exhaust, the cooling system, and the windscreen washer system. If you see a clear and odorless fluid under your car, then it’s possibly just water from your car’s AC system.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Fuel Hose - YourMechanic

8/1/2016· Usually a bad or failing fuel hoses will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential issue. 1. Visible cracks along exterior of the hose. One of the first symptoms of a potential issue with the vehicle’s fuel hoses is visible cracks along the exterior of the hose. Over time, as the vehicle is driven, the hoses can become

Brake Hose Causing Caliper To Stick – (check this first)

The rubber strips allow fluid into the caliper, but as the fluid leaves, the tethered strips block its exit trapping the fluid and causing the caliper to stick. Brake caliper can drag and smoke for other reasons, which you can check out here. Inspecting The Flexi Hose Brake hoses should be inspected regularly.

Help: broken hose beneath car! - Toyota RAV4 Forums

12/10/2015· That hose looks like it might go to the charcoal canister or canister filter. It''s part of the emission control system and will likely turn on your check engine light. Don''t let it drag on the ground, you need to tie it up out of the way for now until you find out where it goes. The mechanic who wanted to cut it off is an idiot.

How To Replace Brake Hoses -EricTheCarGuy -

Yes, you heard right. I hope to take the Fairmont to the track soon and I''ll need to pass inspection to make a pass down the track. Given that I had brake ho

How to Inspect Car Belts and Hoses - Consumer Reports

26/5/2022· Here are tips for inspecting belts: Look for cracks, fraying, or splits on the top cover. Look for signs of glazing on the belt’s sides. Glazed or …

Best Rubber Hose Parts for Cars, Trucks & SUVs - AutoZone

Durable Rubber Hoses for Your Vehicle Rubber hoses are popular in automotive engineering due to their flexibility and relatively small size. You can shift them around to accommodate new components, and pushing them briefly out of the way when performing vehicle repairs is easy as well. The best rubber hoses for cars and trucks aren''t actually made entirely of rubber.

Ultimate Guide to Car Radiator Hoses, Heater Hoses & Coolant …

The vehicle’s hoses are the cooling system’s most vulnerable structural component made of flexible rubber composites that handle vibrations from the engine. Hoses are designed to withstand coolant under intense pressure, extreme temperatures, oils, dirt, and sludge. Hoses degrade from the inside out, which makes detecting their decay difficult.

How to Fix a Radiator Hose Leak - BlueDevil Products

Once the system is drained of coolant, simply remove the old hose and install the new one. The hose may be attached with a spring clamp or band clamp. Either way, make sure you inspect the old clamp and replace it if it is rusty or weak along with your new hose.

Rubber hose cushion under radiator. necessary? : Cartalk

Suddenly an oncoming car swerved into my lane. I only had time to swerve off the road full blast. I rode it out, got onto the highway and stopped. The other car was gone. I inspected the further damage, and my absolute unit of a car was still not leaking anything except freon from the condenser. The plastic bumper cover was DESTROYED but still

Tech 101: Fuel-line hose - what you should and should not use

5/12/2014· Standard neoprene fuel hose can be used for fuel, PCV and EEC systems on all vehicles where working pressures are under 50 psi or vacuum ratings are under 24-in. Hg for 7/16-inch and smaller inside-diameter sizes (10-in. Hg for ½-inch diameter hose). Standard rubber vacuum or heater hose should never be used in fuel appliions. The hose

A black hose is leaking water from under my car after …

Often it’s a clogged drain hose from the air conditioner evaporator or condenser under the hood that comes through the firewall there. An auto tech can loe it and blow it out for you with a high pressure air hose typically. It usually gets backed up and leaks behind the glove compartment area on to the floor there.

Extend the Life of Your Engine''s Rubber Hoses | Gold …

The rubber style submersible hose is constructed to meet the requirements of SAE 30 R10. This style of in tank hose will have an external flouroelaster tube cover to retard aging, aramid fibre used for the spiral wrap and a nitrile inner. Operating pressure of 250psi and busrt pressure of 500psi make this hose suitable for EFI systems.

Miracle Seal the ideal solution for leaking car coolant hoses

22/12/2017· It contains lubriion additives that help prolong the seals and bearings in the water pump and extend the life of hoses and also contains anti-corrosion additives that inhibits rusting and clogging up of the coolant system’s various parts. Where fast emergency repairs are required this sealant is ideal for sealing small leaks throughout the

Can you replace metal fuel line with rubber hose under by

13/3/2019· My fuel line under the car in between the gas tank and fuel filter rusted out and started spraying fuel. Could I just cut the rusted line out and replace it with a rubber hose and hose clamps? I tried looking up where I would even buy the metal fuel line but I can’t find it. Thank you. Sponsors. G. Grim Repair Meer. Dec 24, 2018 15 2 13 32

cleaning - Is it okay to wipe rubber hoses with WD-40?

But really, it is safe for rubber and one thing they call out on their website. Keeps weather stripping and rubber car door seals soft and prevents drying and cracking. Ok, it''s not specifically about hoses, but it is about being safe for rubber. WD40 is just a penetrating oil spray - it''s not a caustic rust remover or some aggressive chemical.

There is Something Hanging Under My Car! - BA Auto Care

29/4/2014· Some plastic shields are installed under the car to make the underside of a car more aerodynamic. The size of these underside vehicle shields can range from something small (less than a square foot) to a shield that stretches the entire length of …

How to Replace Fuel Hoses | HowStuffWorks

Again, keep your pan or rags handy because gasoline could leak out of the hose. Once the clamps are loose, you should be able to remove the fuel hose. If not, you can use a blade to free it if you have to. Now, loe and remove the other end of the old fuel hose. You should be able to pull it out with a little effort.

Hose Clamp - Hose Connectors - Repco Auto Parts

Some of the hose clamps that most cars use today are: EFI hose clamps - these are used in higher pressure items, they are smaller versions of a traditional perforated hose clamp, they are usually used on fuel hose. This is designed to prevent perforations …

Air Conditioning Fittings, Hoses & Spares | Repco Auto …

Complete your car''s climate control service with all the hose fittings, clamps and spare parts you need. Browse our range, order online, collect in store.

Thoughts on replacing hard fuel line with rubber - General …

1/9/2011· For some reason there isn''t a contiguous rubber jacket the runs the whole length of the line. Moisture gets into the gap between where the jacket ends and the line runs inside the body, rusting the fuck out of it. And yeah, I really don''t want a rubber hose under the car either.

found a little rubber hose hanging down from under the rear…

27/6/2010· found a little rubber hose hanging down from under the rear of our 2004 chevy venture minivan. It broke off from some module that is mounted to the underbody at the very rear driver''s side of the van just before the bumper. It appears this very small rubber hose corroded off of a plastic T that seems to be attached to the module.

Refrigerant Hose and Hard Lines - Australian Auto Air

31201-VUQ Proline line kit R-12/134a without bulkhead. 36701-VUR Silver solder for S/S lines (30”) Stainless Steel Heater Line Kit. Include stainless steel tubing (60” of 1/2” #10 tubing) 2 tube ends with nuts, 2 tube ends with barbs, rubber hose for flex areas and 1 heater bulkhead plate. 31100-VUQ Proline heater line kit.